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Description of KidVid - Kids YouTube Videos

KidVid app has huge collection of youtube kids videos, nursery rhymes , children's songs, baby songs, learning songs, Educational videos, funny cartoon videos for kids and also music videos.

All These Kids videos are fully safe and taken from the best popular Kids YouTube channels.

We have organised these popular Kids YouTube videos into multiple category like Education, Poems, Technology etc based on the type of videos as follows

Kids learning and education videos are categorised under Youtube Education.

Rhymes videos for kids are categorised under Youtube Rhymes.

Bedtime stories for kids are categorised under Youtube Bedtime Stories.

Funny Cartoons,toys, rhymes are categorised under Youtube Cartoons videos.

Kids Science Experiments related videos comes under YT science.

Kids technology videos are categorised under Youtube Technology.

Kids games for small girls and boys are categorised under YT Games videos.

These YT Kids videos will bring full fun to your kids.

★ Youtube kids Videos like Rhymes/Poems, Learning, Educational, Maths, Science,Comics, Technology Videos makes child to think smarter.

★ Kids videos like Cartoons, Animation movies, Comedy, Inspirational, Games/Toys videos to make baby happy & smile.

★ Youtube Kids Bedtime stories brings pleasant sleep to kid.

★ Search suggestions for Funny clips, Short stories, cat videos, Mickey mouse, Kids TV Shows, chuchu tv.

We pick YT kids videos from the Best Kids YouTube Channels

★ Kidvid ★ GreenGold ★ Kazoops ★ Magic Box English

★ Mother Goose Club ★ Masha and the Bear ★ PeppaPig ★ PinkFong

★ TuTiTu Tv ★ Thomas & Friends ★ ABCKid TV

★ ChucChu TV ★ LittleBabyBum ★ Badanamu

★ Barney ★ BOJ ★ Boomerang Uk

★ Bounce Patrol ★ CBeebies ★ Dave and Ava

★ Disney Junior UK ★ Hoopla Kidz ★ Cine Kids

We have also the list rhymes and songs based on categories like

★ Alphabets

★ Learning

★ Education

★ Regional

★ Technology

★ Numbers

★ Health

★ Bedtime Songs

★ Holiday Songs

★ Food Songs

★ Happy Birthday Songs

★ Family

★ Time, Days & Calendar

★ Weather & Seasons

★ Calendar Songs

★ Sports Songs

★ Disney Songs

★ Halloween Songs

YT kids youtube kidvid app is one of the best Child safe Free kids video app, show to your baby and make them happy always.

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